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What is Coronavirus & What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

Hello Guys! Welcome back to today we are going to discuss about Coronavirus. This is one of the newest viruses which came to know. Coronavirus is making people sick all over the world. So, it’s important to know all about Coronavirus so we can avoid getting infected by this Coronavirus.


What is Coronavirus?

This is an outbreak of disease that started in Wuhan, one of the central Chinese cities. It’s caused by a Novel Coronavirus. That means its brand new, so new that actually it doesn’t have a name yet. Its from a family called Coronaviruses.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

The symptoms of this illness are pretty mundane on the face of it, it’s a dry cough, fever and breathing problems. It seems quite mild in lots of people. And probably those people don’t end up in hospital at all. We only know about the severe cases which is where people have gone on to develop viral pneumonia. And those people obviously end up in hospital. And all the deaths have been amongst those people.

Where have cases been confirmed so far?

This brand new Coronavirus came from animals and its belief that the source was actually a Sea food market in Wuhan, which also sells wild animals. So far as far as we know all the cases have come out of Wuhan. So some of these peoples are in places like Thailand, Japan but they haven’t picked it up there. They actually got it in Wuhan and then they traveled. In China where the most cases are it’s older people who are ending up in hospital with this. They are Usually over 40 and the very youngest person diagnosed is about 13 or 14 years old.

So, it doesn't appear to be affecting small children and those who have died tends actually to have underlying conditions as they say. They are frail, they may have heart disease or cancer already and so Vulnerable. Basically their immune system are not very well and they are going to find it very hard to fight off a Virus.

How is Coronavirus Transmitted?

We have only just discovered that the new Coronavirus is actually transmitted from one person to another. It was hoped at first actually that it just came from animals as all Coronaviruses do but now it looks as though it is actually passed from one human being to another. So, we have got people to people transmission because the markets been closed for sometime and there are cases in people who have been near it.

What treatment is available for Coronavirus?

So actually there isn’t any treatment at the moment at all because this is a virus. Antibiotics would not work that they only work against bacteria not viruses. So really you want to know antiviral treatment but none of the flu drugs that we have got. We have got a couple of those will work on this. A Coronavirus is different from the flu virus. So there actually isn’t any treatment at the moment at all.

How serious is the outbreak compared to others in the past?

This one is scary because it is a brand new virus. So we don’t know how it’s going to behave but I have to say we perhaps ought to put it in the context of some of the other things. I went to Sierra Leone to cover the west Africa outbreak of Ebola and that was killing more than half of all those people who were infected. SARS which was a Novel Coronavirus just like this one back in 2002 did end up causing a global panic and that was largely because nobody had seen it before but also the death rate was around 10%. Well here so far we are talking about  death rate of 2% which is a lot less and it does look as if many of those people actually have had underlying health problems. Which would make it more likely that they would die they could equally have died of the flu. So, you have to put it into that context I think.

So this was all the information about the Coronavirus. With that being said we have come to the end of this article. If you like this it then please share it on your social media accounts so that other people can also know about CoronaVirus. Thanks for your time…

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