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What are the causes of Dark Circle Under Eyes?

Causes of Dark Circle Under Eyes
Hello everyone! Welcome to In this article, Today I am going to share with you one of  the highly requested topics on What are the causes of Dark Circle Under Eyes? So, I am going to share with you all the causes of having dark circles around the eyes and i will also give you a quick tip to remove under eye dark circles.

What causes dark circles under eyes?

There are many Causes of dark circles under the eyes. Today's days of stress and sleeplessness and working for hours on the computer which is near work. And when you are not working on the computer, youngsters are now staring at their mobile all this causes a tremendous amount of eye strain which manifest as the dark circles under the eyes.

The other common causes are dehydration, where you are not drinking enough water. Anemia - Where there is enough less blood because of poor eating habits. Thyroid disorders - Which is the hormonal imbalance, which would also be looking at dark Circles.

Causes of Dark Circle Under Eyes in Young people.

Most commonly when a young person comes to the doctor with dark circles the first questions that is asked them how many hours of sleep are you getting. If they are getting adequate 8 hours of sleep, If they are not studying too much better computer or at a TV or if they are not being hydrated enough. Then doctor definitely want to know what is the hemoglobin level? what is there thyroid level? And are they eating healthy enough.

In Spite of all these things, if they do have an allergy or a condition with their nose always blocked that could also be causing or secondary hyper pigmentation of the eyes. Because the eye strain through the nose. So when your nose is constantly staff or their nose is constantly blocked, the eyes tend to look a little bit more puffy or dark.

The other conditions, where we see a lot of dark circles is people unnecessary using Harsh makeup removers or constantly rubbing their eyes because they having any kind of allergy problems. So use a very gentle makeup remover and avoid rubbing eyes, instead moisturize your eyes very gently and very fatty moments not very harsh moments. So that the skin which is very delicate in that area does not a starched.

And let us not miss the most important, that if you have a hereditary history of dark circles. If your parents have significant dark circles, You brother or sister has dark circles. You might also be prone to having these dark circles. And in this how do you identify that you have hereditary dark circles? In hereditary dark circles the upper eyelid is also pigment.

When you have acquired dark circles that is you did not have dark circles when you were younger but you got them over when your got older, the upper eyelid does not get pregnant. The upper eyelid is free of pigmentation. So how do you identify and how do you treat all these under eye dark circles?

How to identify which type of under eye dark circles you have?
The first and most important thing is find out why you are having a dark circle? Start eating regularly on time. Drink plenty of water. Take adequate rest. In spite of it you feel that the dark circles are increasing, then I think that it is time to go meet a Dermatologist to find out what is the cause of the dark circle itself.

We also see that eyes and under eye is the first area in a body to show the aging changes. So those we see it coming up earlier earlier. We see premature aging in people because of the stress, pollution, smoking, habits like this. I think that you have to realize that as soon as this eye area show changes that means Aging has already started. It like a warning, so that you can start making anti aging changes. Which are mostly Lifestyle changes, not.. there are not something that you have to take medicine or cream for that area.

Tips to reduce the under eye dark circle.

The last thing that I would like to tell you how to remove dark circles. I would like to tell you is a quick tip to fix your under eye dark circle before you head out for a party. Take a used Green tea bag and keep it in the fridge don't throw it away and just for a party use the green tea bag as a mask on your under eye area for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

The cooling of the green tea bag as well as the bioflavonoid which are there in the green tea act as an antioxidant. They lighten the dark circles as well as the takeaway away the puffiness in the under eye area. Try this and let us Know how it worked for you. With this we have come to the end of the article. I hope you guys had like this article, if you liked it then please share it on your social media handles. Thanks for reading this article.

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