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How to Prevent & Treat Prickly Heat Rashes in Babies | Home Remedies for baby Heat Rashes.

Baby Heat Rash

Hi mommies and daddies! Welcome back to So, this is an article for all my fellow parents out there who are so worried about how to take care of their babies during this peak summer time because a lot of parents are facing the problem of prickly heat rashes. So, in this article I am going to talk to you about Baby Heat Rash in Detail.

Before I am going to start, I just want to say you if you like this article please don’t forget to share with your fellow parents. Because That's the way we know that our work is doing good for you and that's the way we get our motivation. So please share it with as many people as you can because whatever I want to tell you in this video is not only for babies but generally for us or families also. Because I think the treatment to how to handle heat rash in summer mostly remains the same.

What is prickly heat rashes or heat Rash?

So first let's start my understanding what is prickly heat or heat Rash? So, during summer times normally when you look at your babies and you see that suddenly they have these red bumps on their skin it could be you know 3 to 4 bumps or it be more also. That is what is known as a heat Rash or prickly heat Rash.

These Little Red bumps appear anywhere on the body but generally they are in areas where the baby tends to sweat a lot. The areas could be the face or it could be the neck or it could be the stomach or it could be the area in the inner thigh with the baby wears a diaper. These are the most common one Common one. It could be anywhere in the folds of the skin but it could be anywhere else also, that does not mean that would be considered as a prickly heat Rash.

Anywhere on the body where you see these little red bumps appear that is a sign that the baby is getting a prickly heat Rash. In some cases, there will be a lot of bumps that means that so severe rash but, in some cases, you just see 2 to 3 that we go away on their own.

Why does a prickly heat Rash appear?

Now let's talk about why does a prickly heat Rash appear? So normally what happens is & especially it is very common in babies because their sweat glands are not fully developed. It takes time for them to develop. So, what happens is that whenever their body gets overheated of majorly because of a lot of exposure to heat, they tend to sweat a lot. And that's sweat at some point of time clocks the pores of the skin because of which these prickly heat rashes come out.

It is very simple. It’s basically related to the whole concept of the body be overheated and producing excess sweat. That the body cannot handle because of which the altar effect is that it comes out in the form of heat Rash.

Are Prickly Heat Rash Dangerous?

Should I be worried? Is this something serious? Normally heat rashes not something serious, if you do the right treatment which is normal home remedies it will disappear into two three days. However, what can be serious is that your baby is getting overheated and if that goes unnoticed for if you do not address that then that can be a problem. Because that can lead to a heat stroke as well.

The other thing that is normally parents ask is that should I see a doctor right away? The answer is: that's not required. Let the Heat Rash Go Away on its own with the right treatment that you do for about two to three days. Because that’s the time that normally takes but if you think that in 2 to 3 days it is not disappearing in fact is getting worse, it is getting itchy the child is also irritable, that's a time that you should see a doctor.

My only advice is that a lot of people tend to apply powder or go for calamine lotion or you know apply things like Boroline or any other over-the-counter lotion, But my suggestion is that baby skin is so sensitive and when they get the heat Rash you don't know that how will it react to different things. The best person to advise us to what you should do next is your doctor. Even if you want to apply calamine lotion it is advisable to see that advice from your doctor before going ahead with.

How do I treat this heat Rash?

The next question is how do I treat this heat Rash at home? Very simple things that normally you do for yourself also, if you think that the baby is overheated because of these heat rashes come up it's very important to cool the baby down. There are different ways that you can do that.

1.    Changing the entire clothing that the baby is wearing. Ensure that the baby is very light colored Loie and pure cotton fabric cloth, that is very important. Do not make the baby wear full sleeves clothes, even if it is fine cotton in summer. You know very nice the Ganjies (banyan) or you know the half t-shirt and the flowy material all of that will be very handy. So, the first thing that you need to do it change the clothing.

2.    Keep the baby in a cool temperature. Now you can keep the baby in AC or the baby could be sitting under the fan. If you are outside then the baby needs to be taken to a shaded area but basically Somewhere Over the body will feel cool instead of still getting exposure to heat.

3.    Give the baby bath. It is always a good idea to let the baby play with water during summer. Especially when they had heat rashes. It is a good idea to just exposure that area with some just water no soap nothing else just water. And let dry on its own or maximum just pad dry. You don't need to rub that area you don't need to do anything. Let air do the trick.
4.    Let the skin breathe so wherever baby has had the heat Rash it is very important that over the next two to three days, especially when the baby is not sleeping, when baby is awake, active you leave that particular area open exposed to air. Even if that means a baby is nude, that’s absolutely fine the baby is with you at home is absolutely fine to give them that exposure. But air is what will do the trick here. So, the skin needs to breathe.

5.    Let that area dry. It is very important that does not continue to get sweat over and over again because then the baby will feel very irritable. You know if the baby is big enough to start scratching, then they might end up scratching that area also which can lead to blood. You know I mean further complications. So, it’s very important that the area needs to be left dry.

6.    Some people also believe in the power of aloe vera gel and I'm not talking about the Patanjali gel here. I'm talking about the natural gel that's extracted from the aloe vera plant at home. There are videos on YouTube that you can use to make that. I've never tried it but I heard a lot about it that aloe vera has very good cooling properties especially in summers.

Lastly what you can do is, if you think that the baby is very irritable you can take an ice cube you can take the baby’s hanky or very soft wash cloth or something like that. Put the ice cube in it and use that is covered with that cloth or to give some cooling effect to the baby. Just apply very softly on that area and that will definitely cool the baby down.
Which means that you need to keep your baby in a comfortable environment where sweat does not continue to appear. So, if you do all of these things then most likely in 2 to 3 days the heat rashes will go away on its own.

Parents also massage the babies with aloe vera so that something that you can try but nothing something I will recommend because personally I have not experienced it and hence am not willing to recommended. But I still want to share it with parents who believe in the power of aloe vera.

How to prevent baby heat rashes?

We talked about the treatment but we should also talk about that how can I prevent the heat Rash? You know its always difficult to see your baby going through that discomfort especially when that something that you know you are responsible for. Because Babies themselves can't regulate the body temperature. So, parents have to be very cautious especially in the initial years.

To keep a watch on how they need to adjust the entire temperature. So, that the baby does not feel cold and the baby does not feel hot also. There are somethings that we as a parents should be to take care of.

1.    Appropriate clothing: it's very important especially in Summer time to ensure that your baby dresses just like you. Just because you know he or she is a baby that does not mean that they leave extra layer of clothing. Or they need extra-long sleeves to protect them. 

2.    Constantly Keep checking the baby's body temperature some babies will sweat. So, when you touch their body You will know or see them So you know that the baby is sweating and I need to do something about it. But some babies because their sweat glands are not fully developed you will not see your feel the sweet but when you touch their body even when it's very hot their body will be very cold. 

3.    Take Care of Hydration: It's very important to keep the baby hydrated in the peak summer months. If your baby is only on milk then my suggestion is, give the baby feed every 2 hours that will ensure that the baby is never going extra dry and will ensure that the baby is continuing to get hydration every 2 hours.

4.    Limit Sun exposure: You need to do is that do not step out in peak heat hours. So, normally they say that the peak he towers are from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. but I can tell you that today the way the temperature is on the way the weather or the climate is behaving is completely different. It is May right now and I can tell you that even till 6 o'clock I cannot take my baby out because from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening even if you know the sun is not at its peak but the air or the entire feeling of being outside is very hot and humid.

5.    Water & pool time: let your baby play with water. Playing with water during the day will do the trick on ensuring that the body is cool down. Let them Bath especially if your taking a baby out in the evening also it is a good idea to give them a quick 2-minute Bath once they return obviously after the settle at least half an hour Post they are a back from outside. So that their body temperature also cools down naturally.

6.    The next and the most important tip is that let your babies be the way they were in the womb. So, let them be nude during summers. Let them enjoy What summers are all about. And you know one of the aspects of Summer is that you can dress really light and comfortable in summer.  
So, with this we have come to the end of this Article. like I said all of these tips on only for babies but for us also. The only difference is that babies are more prone to rashes we are less but that does not mean that we don’t need this information. I hope you found this article to be helpful. You know what to do, share this article with as many people as you can. Thanks for reading this article.


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