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How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally in 3 Days | Home Remedy For Under Eye Dark Circles.

Home remedy for Dark Circles

Hello everyone! Welcome to In this article, Today I am going to share with you one of  the highly requested topics on how to get rid of dark circles completely. So, I am going to share with you two simple and effective steps to get rid of dark circles in just 3 days. So let's get started.

Home remedy for under eye dark circles.

Step 1

In step one I am going to show you eye brightening and hydrating gel Pack. So for this the first ingredient that you need is cucumber. You need one fourth of cucumber slices. The next ingredients that you need is one small potato, then you need is honey and finally Aloe Vera Gel. So you can use a fresh Aloe Vera Gel or you can use a ready made Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera Gel works as a perfect eye brightening gel.

First I am going to grate the cucumber. Cucumber hydrates and suits skin. the acerbic acid and acetic acid in cucumber improve the blood circulation in that area and reduce the swelling and puffiness. Then I'm going to grate the potato. Potato not only works as an under eye dark circles eraser but also works as a dark spot corrector because of its mild bleaching properties.

Once you are done with this. just strain the juice into a small bowel. Now with this juice add around 1 teaspoon of honey and finally add one big teaspoon of Aloe Vera Gel. Now mix it really well to get good kind of consultancy.

So before applying this hydrating gel, wipe the area around your eyes with cotton soaked in rosewater. And just keep this in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes. Then apply this gel under your eyes. let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes and then Wash up with cool water. The miraculous effect of these natural skincare ingredients delivers maximum benefit to the under eye area, remove dark circles, puffiness and reveals a pair of Bright And Beautiful eyes.

Step 2

Now moving on the second step for Removing under eye Dark Circles. The first Ingredient that you need is vitamin E capsule. so you can buy pure Vitamin E capsule form medical shop. Or you can buy the one which has a blend of Vitamin E and aloe vera. The next ingredient that you need is rosewater. To prepare simply pour the contents of one Vitamin E capsule into a ball and then add 4 to 5 drops of rose water into it. Mix it really well.

So, once you are done with the first step, just go ahead and very gently using the tip of fingers apply it underneath your eyes and across the top of the eyebrows. The best time to follow this Two Steps is before bedtime. The blend of rose water and Vitamin E on keep your eyes beetle soft, hydrated and moisturized. It emits fine lines, puffy eyes and mix the skin under your eyes healthy brighter and treated.

Now if you are having Mild under eye dark circles then you can see the result in just one application. Those who are suffering from severe dark circles, it will take around 3 to 4 days to show the results. So, try this too easy effective and natural step and say goodbye to your dark circles, eye bags and remove your under eye dark circles completely.

I hope you guys have like this article. If you like this article please share it on your social media accounts. So we can get motivated for more such articles. Thanks for reading this article on dark circles home remedies.

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