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How to control High Blood Pressure?

Hello Guys! In this article, we will discuss Blood Pressure. In today's life, Blood pressure is a is a very common problem among peoples. Apart from oldies kids also facing this problem. But High Blood pressure can be controlled easily.

Blood Pressure

How to control High Blood Pressure?

Here are some practices. By doing these practices you can easily control High Blood Pressure.

Lifestyle changes For controlling Blood Pressure:

High Blood pressure can be easily controlled by making some changes in lifestyle. People who do not exercise and have sedentary life should start doing exercise. it is very important to do slight exercise Everyday for a normal supply of blood to all parts of the body. Exercise also helps to release stress and also promotes good digestion. Therefore, a slight morning and evening walk should be done Everyday to remain fit and healthy.

People who drink too much alcohol, tea, or coffee should avoid these things if they have high blood pressure. These things affect the functioning of the heart and may increase Blood Pressure and leads to complications.

People who are overweight should reduce their weight because obesity may also lead to heart problems.

Dietary changes For controlling Blood Pressure:

People who are facing the High Blood Pressure problem should reduce the intake of salt and spices in their diet. As salt and spices in more amount are the major causes of high blood pressure. Fried food and junk food should be avoided by peoples who are suffering from high blood pressure.

Water intake or fluid intake should be increased in the diet as it helps to flush out harmful salts from the body and promotes normal functioning of kidneys.

Green vegetables and fruits should be eaten more because they are rich in minerals and vitamins and boost up immunity.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure:

  • People suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure should eat one or two cloves of Garlic every day in the morning with water.
  • Coconut water is also very beneficial for regulating high blood pressure. one glass of coconut water should be taken every day to control high blood pressure.
  • Bananas are also good for controlling blood pressure at home. One or two Bananas may be eaten every day for normal heart functioning.
  • Celery is also very good for blood pressure. Mix one cup of celery juice with one cup of apple juice and drink it every day to control high blood pressure
  • Take two-three table Spoons of apple cider vinegar for a month to control high blood pressure. It effectively helps in controlling high blood pressure.
Regular Exercise and controlled diet are two easy step that can help you control High Blood Pressure and remain healthy.


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